Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research

Donnelly Centre Research Excellence Awards

posrdocsDonnelly Centre Research Excellence Awards provide a prize to up to two Donnelly Centre Post-Doctoral Fellows and/or Research Associates. Awards will recognise and support those who advance the mandate of the Donnelly Centre - innovative and highly collaborative work that crosses formal disciplinary boundaries. Specifically, these awards are intended to recognise contributions of excellence in research, knowledge translation, and the fostering of collaborative work bridging research disciplines and expertise and to recognize PDF/RA engagement in the Donnelly Centre community.

Award value:


Application Requirements:


Applicants must be supervised by a member of the Donnelly Centre faculty and they must have been working as a PDF/RA at the Donnelly Centre for at least 6 months. Their supervisor/principal investigator must support the application. The applicant must also demonstrate their contribution to the Donnelly Centre Postdoctoral-RA Seminar Series as a speaker and attendee, this condition will only be waived under mitigating circumstances.

Previous award recipients may reapply, but need to demonstrate that their research and output is significantly different from an earlier successful application. Applicants staying in the same lab where they conducted their doctoral research must have spent more than 6 months as a PDF/RA prior to application submission, and will need to demonstrate that their research output as a PDF is significantly different from their doctoral thesis. PDFs/RAs who are no longer part of the Donnelly Centre at the time of the call for award applications are eligible to apply, if their application features work they conducted during the prior calendar year, and they were part of the Donnelly Centre for at least 6 months during that year.

Award recipients must present a talk at the Donnelly Centre PDF/RA Seminar Series within 6 months of being announced as winners. This condition will be waived if the applicant has moved on to another position outside of the Donnelly Centre.

Applications for 2019 are now open and will close on Tuesday April 30, 2019. Applications should be sent to