Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research


Science and other Lessons Learned from Summer in the Lab

Their brief lab stints may be over, but for some of these undergrads a research career has only just begun.
Aug 22 / 2019

Meet Winners of 2019 Cecil Yip Award

Eight students in their first year of graduate studies pursuing research in artificial intelligence, nanotechnology and bioengineering have been awarded the 2019 Cecil Yip Graduate Research Award.
Aug 3 / 2019

Donnelly Centre Research Excellence Awards Recognize Postdoctoral Research That Aims to Advance Personalized Medicine

Could a patient’s future health be computationally predicted? Can we target cancer more precisely to avoid harmful side effects of the treatment? These are the questions tackled by postdoctoral researchers Shraddha Pai and Michael Aregger, who are the 2019 winners of the Donnelly Centre Research Excellence Awards.
Jul 23 / 2019

New Partnership to Tackle Treatment-Resistant Lung Cancer

Donnelly Centre Investigator Igor Stagljar and the Toronto-based biotechnology company Cyclica have launched a partnership to advance treatment of drug-resistant lung cancer.
Jul 19 / 2019