Spotlight on Major Technology Upgrades in Donnelly Centre

In 2018, the Donnelly Centre acquired new high-end DNA sequencing instruments and microscopes and also launched the facility for mass-spectrometry analysis. While ensuring the Centre’s researchers remain at the leading edge of discovery, these advances also present new opportunities for collaboration within the Centre and other research labs in Toronto.
Jan 9 / 2019

Donors Meet Students Thriving on Their Gift

U of T Professor Jennifer Dorrington with Jon and Emma as children (photo courtesy of Jon Dorrington)
Jan 9 / 2019

How Gary Bader Helped Meld Computer Science With Biology to Revolutionise Data Analysis and Become a World’s Top Cited Academic

Computational biologist Gary Bader uses biology's big data to gain insights about human health.
Nov 27 / 2018

Hughes Lab Publishes Long-Awaited Cannabis Genome Map

Cannabis sativa plant (photo by michael fischer)
Nov 23 / 2018
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