Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research

Recent publications

The dose threshold for nanoparticle tumour delivery. Nat Mater, 2020, Aug 10.

Assessment of cognitive and neural recovery in survivors of pediatric brain tumors in a pilot clinical trial using metformin. Nat Med, 2020, July 27.

Exploring whole-genome duplicate gene retention with complex genetic interaction analysis. Science, 2020, June 26.

Recognition of Semaphorin Proteins by P. sordellii Lethal Toxin Reveals Principles of Receptor Specificity in Clostridial Toxins. Cell, 2020, June 25.

Systematic mapping of genetic interactions for de novo fatty acid synthesis identifies C12orf49 as a regulator of lipid metabolism. Nat Metab 2020, June 1.