Donnelly Student Profiles

Donnelly Centre has some amazing students and we want you to know about them! Our growing profile series highlights some of the best students and young researchers who honed their skills in the Donnelly Centre, working across boundaries of individual research fields to uncover new biology behind health and disease.


Simon Eng




Meet Simon Eng, Winner of 2019 Donnelly Thesis Prize






Meet 2019 Dorrington Award Winners: Kaitlin Laverty, Mandeep Gill and Shrey Sindhwani

dorrington 2019 winners








Meet 2018 Yip Award Winners

yip 2018 winners



Meet 2018 Dorrington Award Winners: Mohsen Afshar, Eesha Sharma and Alexander Vlahos.

dorrington 2018 winners









Computer Vision Research Wins Oren Kraus Donnelly Thesis Prize



Barbara Vivash award ceremony




Serge Gueroussov Wins Best Thesis Award in Molecular Genetics







Meet Tahani Baakdhah Who Brings Science to Life Through Needlework











Samantha Yammine is Fostering Public Trust in Science, One Selfie at a Time






Meet the Winners of the 2017 Cecil Yip Doctoral Research Award





Meet Hong Han, Winner of the 2017 Donnelly Thesis Prize










Meet Shrey Sindhwani, an MD/PhD student in the Chan lab








Meet the Recipients of the 2017 Jennifer Dorrington Research Award: Stanley Wai-Kwong Ng, Yonatan Lipsitz and Samuel Lambert


Winners of the 2016 Cecil Yip Doctoral Research Award Announced



Meet the recipients of the 2016 Jennifer Dorrington Research Award: Megha Chandrashekhar, Mathieu Quesnel-Vallières and Nika Shakiba




Meet Wendy Qiao, Winner of the 2016 Donnelly Thesis Prize













Alphonsus Ng, Winner of the 2015 Donnelly Thesis Prize






Erin Styles










Oren Kraus

















Meet the Recipients of the Inaugural Cecil Yip Doctoral Research Award: Amy Arnold, Amy Hu, Wilson Poon and Jonathan Roth