2020 Research Excellence Awards Recognize Efforts to Harness Artificial Intelligence for Cell Biology, Regenerative Medicine

Artificial intelligence-powered data processing is accelerating research across scientific fields and cell biology is no exception. The tedious job of analyzing microscopy images by eye can now be replaced by algorithms, so long as they are properly trained to know what cellular features to look for.
Oct 13 / 2020

Donnelly Investigators Identify Dozens of Genes Enabling Cancer's Evasion of Immune System

A cancer cell surrounded by immune T killer cells (National Institutes of Health).
Sep 23 / 2020

A Sudoku-Solving Algorithm Holds Promise for Protein Medicine

Computational biologists in the Donnelly Centre have developed an artificial intelligence algorithm that has the potential to create novel protein molecules as finely tuned therapeutics.
Sep 16 / 2020